Below are the archives of my blog posts:

Sl No Date Title with brief description
37 2018, February 26 Tracking the Rule Performance
Detailed analysis on utilizing }StatsByRule cube for tracking your TM1 Rule effectiveness. Check out the trivia at the end!
36 2018, January 21 Member Function Workaround in Cognos BI
This post delves deeper into the workaround available for member function. By leveraging the methods described here, you can reduce the queries sent to TM1 server.
35 2017, December 1 BI and TM1 – Effect of member function on TM1 Server
A query item using member function in nested rows/columns can cause significant overhead to TM1 server. See this post to understand, effect of member function on TM1 server & way to optimize it.
34 2017, November 21 BI with TM1 – Effect of tuple function on TM1
A tuple with multiple elements from more than one dimension causes overhead. See this post to understand, effect of tuple function on TM1 server & way to optimize it.
33 2017, October 31 User Driven Dynamic Formatting in TM1
Once a custom format is defined, we can see the string in the attribute cube. We will use this knowledge and take a leap further to show how users can drive the formatting. This post sketches the outline required to do this and explain how the pieces fit in the puzzle.
32 2017, September 24 Working with TM1 Attributes (Part 4) – Fun with Custom Formats
We will explore in depth the custom format option for both character and numeric values in TM1. We will see some fun ways these custom formats can be used to display character/numeric values in CubeViewer.
31 2017, September 16 Working with TM1 Attributes (Part 3) – Format Attributes
This post details out process flow of applying format attributes on dimension elements in IBM Cognos TM1.
30 2017, August 21 Working with TM1 Attributes (Part 2) – Using Aliases in Rules
This post shows a trick to use Alias attribute, which makes the rule file easier to understand. In addition, I will cover additional tips in working with the attributes in IBM Cognos TM1.
29 2017, August 10 Working with TM1 Attributes (Part 1) – Alias attribute in IBM Cognos TM1
This post delves deeper into Alias attribute of TM1, way to create, use and handle the values; measuring the memory impact.
28 2017, July 28 TM1 Stargate View Creation Process Flow
An attempt by me to capture the flow of Stargate View creation in an IBM Cognos TM1 Engine.
27 2016, Jun 30 Ground reality of US Consular working in Chennai, India
Ground reality of how US Consulate in Chennai operates. This post should help you prepare mentally and physically, of the torment you have to go through.
26 2016, May 26 What happens when VMM Threshold is reached in TM1?
This post delves on the details of IBM Cognos TM1 server behavior when VMM threshold for a cube is reached.
25 2016, March 22 Deep dive into TM1 Stargate views
This post focuses on the subtlety of Stargate view creation and deeper dive into its working. Some tips to make them work with Cognos BI.
24 2016, March 7 In-depth look at VMM & VMT Settings in Cognos TM1
An in-depth look at VMM & VMT setting, how they can be used to control caching in TM1 Server.
23 2016, February 17 Recursive function call in an IBM Cognos TM1 Server
Illustrating the implementation & limitation of Recursive Function call in IBM Cognos TM1 server with an example.
22 2016, February 12 Cascading style picklist in IBM Cognos TM1
This post describes way to create a cascading style picklist in Cognos TM1 model.
21 2016, January 20 IBM Cognos TM1 Picklist … continued
This post is in continuation from last one. It also covers the ways to create picklist in an IBM Cognos TM1 model.
20 2016, January 6 Choosing IBM Cognos TM1 Picklist
This explains need for picklist, its types and considerations when using IBM Cognos TM1 Picklist.
19 2015, December 2 Closer look at the DimensionSortOrder function in Cognos TM1
A detailed explanation on using Cognos TM1 DimensionSortOrder function to order elements within the dimension.
18 2015, October 31 TM1 Dimensions – Find memory used & a sneak peek at parent child relationship
A closer look at creating parent-to-child relationship in Cognos TM1 dimension. Find memory usage as well.
17 2015, October 19 Dynamic SQL Queries in Turbo Integrator (TI)
Read further to make SQL query used in TI dynamic, by using parameters
16 2015, October 11 Working with Undefined (Null) Values in an IBM Cognos TM1Cube
Default value of Cognos TM1 cube is 0. Check out how to work with a null value (missing data)
15 2015, September 27 Catalogue your dimension creation processes in Cognos TM1
Are you at the helm of maintaining a very large TM1 model? Learn how to catalogue your dimensions
14 2015, September 15 Manage User Sessions on your IBM Cognos TM1 Server
Being a TM1 administrator, at times we are required to manage user sessions on the system. Find out more about it.
13 2015, September 07 Cognos TM1 Chores: Single Commit vs Multiple Commit
Illustrating the difference between Single Commit vs Multiple Commit in IBM Cognos TM1
12 2015, August 20 Accomplish Attibute Update in Cognos TM1 Smartly!
Update your dimension attributes the smarter way in IBM Cognos TM1
11 2015, August 11 Clean up Log directory in IBM Cognos TM1
Read further to know a method to clear the unnecessary files from Log directory as well as retaining required files
10 2015, August 04 Clearing the air around IBM Cognos TM1’s VMM setting
In case you are rolling your eyes and thinking, why we need yet another blog talking about VMM, you may want to read for some new information.
9 2015, July 29 Add dummy data to a cube or muddle data to make it unintelligible
I will describe how we obfuscated data in an existing cube or data arbitrary data.
8 2015, July 26 Create a very large dimension in Cognos TM1 using Turbo Integrator (TI)
This post outlines approach used to create a dimension in Cognos TM1 which has close to half a million random elements in it!
7 2015, July 23 Write to tm1server.log file from Turbo Integrator (TI) process in Cognos TM1
This post shows us the new Logger options available, which aid in writing to tm1server.log file
6 2015, July 15 How to order/sort data in cube view used as a data source in Turbo Integrator (TI)?
Ever had the need to work with Ordered/Sorted data from cube view? Check out your options for performing this.
5 2015, July 05 Cognos TM1 Rand() function – it is NOT quite random after all!
Check the post to see how random are TM1’s Rand () function output. They start to become predictable!
4 2015, July 02 Using ODBO as datasource in Cognos TM1 Turbo Integrator (TI) Process
Need to copy TM1 cube data from one server to another … Happy ODBOing!
3 2015, June 25 IBM Cognos TM1 Import source in SPSS reads incorrect data from TM1 Cube – How to fix it?
Fix the issue of incorrect data read in SPSS using Cognos TM1 Cube
2 2015, June 21 Read IBM Cognos TM1 Data in IBM SPSS Modeler
Bring in the synergy between 2 IBM products – powerful in-memory OLAP database with predictive analysis tool. We will look at part one, bringing data from Cognos TM1 into IBM SPSSs Modeler
1 2015, June 18 IBM Cognos TM1 and Stored Procedures
Want to run a stored procedure in IBM Cognos TM1’s TI? Consider these tips …